Why Coconut Is The Perfect Vegan Product

To follow a vegan lifestyle is to be unapologetically idealistic, displaying a clear commitment to steering clear of animal products in all areas of life, from foods to clothes to cosmetics. 

Some may think this is a very difficult thing to do, but it’s actually a lot easier than some imagine; especially when some of the meat and dairy-free alternatives are considered.

Coconut is a prime example. Even our omnivorous friends will be familiar with it, from the use of coconut milk to the flakes of the flesh itself, even if it is only in a chocolate bar. And, of course, who hasn’t enjoyed taking a whole coconut home after winning it at the fair (apart from people with a terrible aim)?

At one time, the idea of organic bar soaps containing coconut might have seemed novel, but it doesn’t now. There are many products out there that include coconut, from massage oils and exfoliants to sun cream. We use coconut in all of our soap bars.

All this is for good reasons. Coconut is not just something you can eat or drink from (the clear liquid in a coconut is actually coconut water, not coconut milk). It is also good for your skin.

Take coconut oil: it has been linked with reducing inflammation, promoting healing and moisture retention. 

Similarly, coconut water has been known to help with dryness, healing from acne through its antimicrobial properties contained in coconut oil’s lauric acid and capric acid, and even help with ageing through its antioxidants, which help battle the free radicals that can gradually cause wrinkling.

The great thing about coconut oil is that is made from extracting the oil from dried kernels or raw coconuts, showing once again how wonderful coconuts are. It shows how just about every part of the nut can be used. After all, even the hairy husks can be made into matting. 

Even the shell can be used like other wood, making every part of a coconut useful. And, of course, it literally grows on trees so as long as we look after them, the soil they grow in and the environment around them, there will always be more to come.

Of course, there are some folk with very sensitive skin for whom using coconut in applied oils, soaps and other products may not be wise, as this can block pores. But there are alternatives available in our range, so you won’t miss out!

As for the rest of us, the great benefits of coconut can combine with other natural, organic ingredients that can both get you clean and fresh and also help promote a world based more on plant-based products.

If you need pure cold pressed organic coconut oil to try out on your skin or hair, do check out our 60 and 120 ml jars, perfect to keep in your bathroom cabinet.

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