Company Ethos

🍃 Cruelty Free Approved

As a brand we do not support animal testing! We are a certified Cruelty Free Skin Care Range. Prior to being included in the range, every single product is tried & tested by us, family and friends, or we ask our regular customers to give us their opinion. All ingredients are sourced to comply with our 'natural only' standards from suppliers who do not support animal testing and where possible the ingredients are organic or at least fairly traded.

🍃 Product Safety

To meet with the current UK and EU Cosmetics Products Regulations, all Handmade Naturals products have passed a Safety Assessment by an independent laboratory.

🍃 Our entire range is made by hand

Our products are handmade in our dedicated workshop - from weighing the ingredients to blending the product, filling the jars and labelling - and contains nothing but pure natural ingredients. We don't assign production contracts to third party manufacturers. The risk of cross contamination is a major concern, since the production lines at such plants tend to process synthetic and chemical ingredients as well. Having our products made for us would mean we have no guarantees regarding the purity or origin of the ingredients. Larger scale manufacturing usually requires the use of chemical preservatives with no known long term effects on our health. We would rather have our products as fresh as possible and made on demand in our workshop.

🍃 Our products are not only vegan certified but 100% natural too

Every single ingredient that goes into our products is natural. The word 'natural' could be a little vague and what one person believes to be a natural ingredient, doesn't necessarily match someone else's criteria. Our view is that natural is everything that is not a man-made synthetic, is either found directly in nature or derived from nature's herbs, fruits or vegetables and is of benefitial value to our body and skin. If we are to be truthful, every natural ingredient needs some sort of processing, so that it can be used. Vegetable oils are pressed from the seeds or fruits of the plant. To produce shea butter, the nuts need to be collected, peeled and ground into a paste so that the oil can be pressed, filtered and then allowed to crystalise. Similarly, cocoa butter used in chocolate making or skin care doesn't grow on the tree in convenient lumps which can simply be picked and used….What is important to us is that every ingredient - oil, butter, essential oil, extract or wax - has been derived from a plant and has had the least amount of processing and without the use of chemicals, solvents, toxins or synthetic preservatives.

🍃 Transparency

What you see is what you get. We don't lure customers giving the impression of being organic or natural only for you to discover later that your product is in fact a cocktail of chemicals with a small percentage of organic additives. We list all our ingredients, there are no blurbs to highlight the good stuff and small letters to tell you about the bad stuff. Finding truly natural & safe products can be a bit of mine field, requiring careful scanning of product labels. If you do need a helping hand, the Cosmetics Database is a fantastic resource of information, where anyone can check individual ingredients or popular brands and products, to find out just how natural & safe they really are.

🍃 Affordability

Because your skin & health matter. We believe natural skin care should not be an occational luxury but an everyday benefit because your skin and your health are most important. Natural skincare shouldn't be an exercise in expensive packaging. Our skin and hair care range is reasonably priced so that you can afford to look after your skin and yourself, naturally, every day.