Natural Tanning & Suncream

Natural Tanning & Suncream

6 products
    6 products
    Natural TANNING CREAM with Organic Shea Butter, Plum Kernel, Vitamin E & DHA ( PLATINUM AWARD WINNER 2013 ) - 100 ML
    Natural TANNING CREAM Travel/Tester Size ( PLATINUM AWARD WINNER 2013 ) - 15 ml
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    KIDS CLEAR SUN SPRAY SPF50 with Aloe Vera, Calendula & Gingko Biloba, 177 ml - Alba Botanica

    Natural Sun Protection

    Sunless tanning, Sun & Wind protection, Organic SPF Suncreams free from parabens, perfume, colours and chemical additives

    Being in the sun a lot can have negative effects on our skin and dermatologists recommend the use of sun protection throughout  the year even if you don't spend a lot of time on a beach. Commercial sun protection products tend to offer very high SPF, but to achieve this they have to add numerous, chemically derived filters to an already chemically formulated product, and these chemicals can have an adverse impact on our skin, too. The actual protection for both natural and chemical sun protection products against the harmful UVB/UVA rays varies between 97 % and 98%. A cream with a low SPF protects you in pretty much the same way as one with very high SPF. The difference being that a higher SPF means you can stay in the sun longer without causing your skin to burn than if you had a lower SPF product or none at all. We offer a natural sun protection range with an SPF factor of 30 - a range formulated with 100% organic ingredients, with added zinc dioxide, a naturally occurring mineral that reflects the harmful sun rays.

    For those who wish to achieve a tan without the harmful effects of the sun, or perhaps wish to top up their holiday tan or prepare for an upcoming holiday, we've developed a completely natural moisturising cream with DHA, a naturally derived ingredient , which safely makes your skin produce more melanine and turn a darker shade as if it had been exposed to the sun. Our self tanning cream is easily absorbed and suitable for face or body applications.