Organic, Ethical & Eco Living Resources

Here you will find links to ethical, organic and eco living resources as well as mentions of our products by independent parties (bloggers, magazines and other websites).

If you are a well established beauty blogger and wish to review our products then please get in touch .

TopSante Beauty Bible

"Natural Skincare made simple" is a Q&A article about our brand and natural skin and hair care products

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Rachel Shaw Holistic Treatments

If you are based in the Huddersfield area and wish to experience a relaxing facial treatment using our products then visit this webpage to make an appointment

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Kingfisher Visitor Guides

KingFisher is a Cheshire Guide for things to do, places to stay at, places to eat and shop at

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Spring Clean your skin

Melanie's Fab Finds reviews a number of our products

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COSMOPOLITANS MAGAZINE Beauty columnist Rosie Mullender puts various make up removers to the test

Find us on Day 14! We did great, just not aggressive enough for heavy duty (and we are making a guess here) standard commercial make up. Well, aggresion isn't our middle name, we are more of the gentle kind :))

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WE WERE RAISED BY WOLVES Beauty Blogger tests some of our products

I love discovering new-to-me natural and affordable British skincare brands, and the Cheshire based Handmade Naturals are my latest find with a multi-award winning range of cruelty-free and vegan products.

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Best Low-Poo Shampoos - NATURALER

Handmade Naturals Shampoo is made with natural ingredients such as coconut, jojoba, chamomile, calendula, rosemary and sage to create a nourishing, great smelling shampoo designed for sensitive skin. Using coco glucoside, the mildest sugar detergent means this shampoo will be kind to your skin.

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The Ultimate Guide to Silicone Free Hair Conditioners - NATURAL HEALTH MAGAZINE

If you are unsure whether silicone products are right for you then read on to answer all of your burning haircare questions.

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Favourite Top 5 Affordable Green Beauty Brands (Also Vegan) - DELICATELY

Green beauty don't come cheap these days - the likes of blogger faves Antipodes (still haven't tried this!) and Jurlique (I used it pre-blogger hype when I was ~15 and loved it but man it was $$$$) have more or less dominated the 'must-haves' lists for beauty bloggers and nothing less will do. Except at a very high cost, and probably rob you of any joy in life in your quest to look beautiful naturally.

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