What It Means To Be Vegan Society-Registered


In a world that often prioritises profit and convenience over ethics, it can be difficult to know the products you’re purchasing are cruelty-free. 

Throw into the mix the fact that the term “vegan” isn’t defined by law and it becomes even more of a minefield!

Thankfully, we have a way of knowing for sure that the products you buy contain no animal products at all – Vegan Society registration. Here we take a look at what it means to be Vegan Society-registered, to help you find the products that best align with your moral and ethical stance. 

What Is The Vegan Society?

The Vegan Society was founded in 1944 right here in the UK and ever since then the pioneering organisation has campaigned for animal rights and promoted the vegan lifestyle.

When most people think of veganism they see it as just one step further from vegetarianism. However, being  vegan is about more than just cutting out dairy and honey – it’s a complete overhaul of your lifestyle where no animal products at all are used. This includes clothing, footwear, furniture and cosmetic products.

Those looking for products that are certified as having no animal products at all should look out for the Vegan Trademark, the internationally recognised vegan product certification which was established in 1990 by The Vegan Society. If you spot this certification on any product then it’s safe for vegans to use. 

That’s not to say that other products that don’t bear the Vegan Trademark necessarily contain animal products. However, to include the logo, a company must be registered with the Vegan Society.

How Do Companies Get Approved?

If a company wants to achieve Vegan Society registered status, a company must undergo a thorough evaluation process.

First they must submit information about their products, ingredients and manufacturing processes for review. The Vegan Society's experts will then carry out an analysis of these to ensure that no animal-derived ingredients or by-products are used. 

This involves more than just examining ingredients lists. It also looks at cross-contamination prevention measures and even examines the manufacturing lines.

Only when the Vegan Society is satisfied will the company receive its status, so it’s easy to see why some companies choose not to get themselves registered as it can be a long and painstaking process.

What Is Cruelty-Free Certification?

Just like Vegan Society certification offers transparency and trust that the products you’re purchasing contain no animal products, Cruelty-Free Certification can provide peace of mind that the products aren’t tested on animals too.

Similar to the rigorous process we must go through to achieve Vegan Society-Registered status, to get Cruelty-Free Certification we must provide extensive documentation about our product development processes, ingredient sourcing and testing practices. 

We did this, and we have an ongoing commitment to abide by cruelty-free principles, so thankful you know the products you find here are made with love and no animals were exploited in order to produce your cosmetics. 

Why We Got These Certifications

At Handmade Naturals we have the Vegan Society-Registered stamp of approval. We did this because we believe it signifies several important aspects of our business. These include:

Commitment To Vegan Values

First and foremost, we feel this approval demonstrates our unwavering dedication to vegan principles and shows we’re committed to animal welfare.

Transparency And Trust

Sadly, transparency and trust are two things that can sometimes be difficult to find in the cosmetic industry. The Vegan Society approval gives consumers confidence that the products vegan-friendly claims are legit.

Accessibility For Vegans

It can be difficult to find safe and effective products as a vegan. When a company like us is Vegan Society-Registered, it ensures that our products are safe to use by vegans, helping provide more accessibility and creating a less challenging landscape.

So that pretty much covers the ins and outs of what it means to be Vegan Society-Registered. Hopefully you now have a little bit more knowledge on this globally-recognised trademark and what it means for a company to be registered. 

Whether you’re looking for vegan face creams, moisturisers or shampoo, be sure to keep an eye out for the trademark the next time you’re shopping for vegan products so you only purchase the ones you know you can trust.


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    @James Wight – we are vegan for health :)

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