Are there Plant-based Vegan Friendly Suncreams

The arrival of summer is a joyous time for many. Whether you are heading for the beach, looking forward to Wimbledon, gearing up for the Ashes, counting down the days to a music festival, or enjoying a walking holiday, your plans are bound to involve contending with the sun.

Indeed, unless the main highlight is simply watching our neighbouring star rise above the horizon at Stonehenge on the summer solstice, the issue will not just be about enjoying its warmth but dealing with the potential side effects of too much exposure.

This is being optimistic, of course. Nobody knows if the summer will be a sizzler or if this is just a brief period of fine weather before the rain clouds roll in, but for anyone without dark skin, protecting yourself against the summer sun is vital, both to avoid the pain of sunburn and the long-term skin cancer risk.

However, one thing you may not have been aware of before now is that vegan sun cream really is a thing.

In 2018 the Metro News highlighted the fact that sun cream usually contains several animal-derived products and the list is quite lengthy. Among them are lanolin, an animal fat from sheep’s wool; collagen, a protein often extracted from cows, pigs, or fish, chitin, which comes from ground-up crustacean shells and beeswax, among others.

Some may ask what the alternatives are. The good news is that simply sitting in the sun and burning is not one of them. With all those barbecues there is already too much burning meat outdoors. Neither is staying indoors.

Vegan sun creams contains entirely plant-based ingredients, enabling you to avoid being frazzled while also staying onside with every animal from crabs to sheep.

With your skin protected from the sun, you can proceed to make the most of the summer. That can mean making your own veggie dishes for the summer, holidays where you visit vegetarian restaurants, taking plant-based food along to barbecues to offer a meat-free alternative, wearing clothes free from animal products and even going to a vegan-themed summer festival.

Of course, you can’t do everything to change the world this summer. If you watch cricket, you will still see the players using a leather ball. Summer parties and barbecues will see lots of cooked meat and dairy products on the menu. And for many, a trip to the seaside will still include eating traditional fish and chips.

However, it is also a time to learn more about plant based products you can use in summer, while a large number of social events will give you an opportunity to share thoughts about your own lifestyle choices and meet lots of like-minded people, maybe making new friends along the way.

All this can be done while taking great care of your skin, however hot and sunny it is.

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