Why Vegan Moisturisers Give Baby A Great Start In Life

With a general election approaching, many people will be thinking about the future. But we can do far more to influence the direction we take and change the world around us than just electing a bunch of politicians to form a government every few years. What they do is important, but so are the choices every one of us makes as consumers.

This is significant enough to start with when we make decisions as individuals, but when people bring a child into the world they take on an extra responsibility to teach their youngster to be good citizens. But the other side of that is that this is also an exciting opportunity to help make the world a better place.

The Magic Of Moisturisers

If you are keen to ensure your child grows up looking after themselves but also embraces a vegan lifestyle, vegan baby moisturisers can be part of the way forward.

As any adult who uses them knows, there are many good reasons for using moisturisers regularly. It helps you look younger, makes your skin softer and more hydrated and helps you combat the ageing process that produces wrinkles. You’ll certainly thank yourself for that one as you move into later life. These considerations apply to men as well as women.

Of course, as a vegan, you will be glad to find some products offer this and have not been tested on animals, nor contain any ingredients derived from animals. You can be kind to yourself and all other creatures at the same time.

The baby moisturiser works in a slightly different way. Some might wonder if babies really need it, when their skin could, by definition, hardly look any younger?

The answer is that babies are not invulnerable to skin issues. Acne usually clears up after the first year, but dry skin problems are more of a concern, producing flaky skin in conditions like cradle cap, which affects the head. Other common problems include eczema, allergies and rashes.

What Is In Baby Moisturisers?

Consequently, it is not hard to find baby moisturisers on the market. Even fashion magazines like Vogue are swift to talk about them. However, the products they discuss are usually not vegan in nature.

An article published by the magazine on the topic in March this year listed product ingredients like glycerine, which comes from glycerol. Like other substances such as rennet, it can come from either plants or animals, which means unless it is explicitly stated on the bottle or packaging, you cannot be sure it is vegan-friendly.

What should be noted is that the skin of babies absorbs moisture more easily, so gentler formulas are needed than for adults. As dermatologist Dr Amelie Seghers told Vogue: “Infant skin, especially that of preterm and newborn babies, is more susceptible to irritation and infections, and it has an increased permeability for topical ingredients.”

This means that common exfoliating ingredients should be avoided for a baby, she added. Of course, any specialised moisturiser for a baby should do this and you will see some on the shelves of your local store’s baby section or specialist shops, but you may find they have various ingredients that are animal-based.

Even when you do find some products that are specifically designed to be free from animal ingredients, they may come from companies that offer other items where animal products are used. You may ask yourself whether you would want to be a customer of a company that does not truly have a clear commitment to veganism and animal welfare.

Why Being Principled Matters

By using products that have no ingredients taken from animals, made by a company that makes only vegan products, you can make sure your baby enjoys healthy skin without compromising on your principles.

It also means you can be very consistent and honest with your children as you raise a family, showing them that looking after animals matters and, at the same time, you never need to compromise.

Kids will pick up on inconsistency, so by taking a firm and coherent stance, you will impress them with your commitment to a vegan lifestyle.

Of course, that is no guarantee they will follow it fully or even in part; there will come a time when they make all their own decisions about what to eat and which cosmetics to use. But it does make it more likely they will get used to a vegan lifestyle to the point where they might consider it anathema to even contemplate not doing so.

The moisturisers you use for your baby today could help nurture lifelong vegans, who will enjoy very healthy skin as well.

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