Not All Sun Cream Is Vegan

Spring may be officially upon us according to the Met Office and almost here based on the astronomical definition, but there has been nothing spring-like about the recent snowy weather.

However, despite the last flurries of winter dumping the white fluffy stuff on Britain for probably the last time until the back end of the year, the fact remains that warmer days are approaching and before long there won’t be anything ghostly white around - be it snow or skin.

In the latter case, if you are fair-skinned you will want your tones to gently darken rather than being frazzled when the first hot spell arrives, which is why now is a good time to start planning ahead for the summer so you don’t get caught out when a sudden hot spell hits in April or May.

The obvious way to deal with that is to get some sun cream, but if you are a vegan, many kinds will not do. The Vegan Society lists a number of non-vegan ingredients commonly found in the bottles on the shelves.

Among the animal-based ingredients a bottle may contain are beeswax, chitin (which comes from the shells of crustaceans), collagen from cows, pigs or fish, elastin from animal skin or organs, stearic acid from animal fat and lanolin from sheep’s wool. 

Luckily, vegan suncream is a real thing and we offer it. The natural, plant-based ingredients mean you can protect your skin without doing anything that involves using animal products at all. Your happy summer activities can be carried out guilt-free, whether you are at a music festival, on the beach or simply sitting outside a pub with friends.

Not everything about this summer will be vegan by any means. After all, you can’t stop them using leather cricket balls and you may be invited to many barbecues. But, whether it comes to the food you put on the grill or the sun cream you put on your face, you at least can use vegan means to prevent anything fleshy being scorched.

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