When different types of skin on your face call for different moisturisers

In an earlier blog I wrote about my conversion to natural skin care products, initially with hair shampoos and conditioners and then onto moisturisers.

Up until that point (when I stopped travelling back in 2010) I hadn’t really used moisturisers at all. I guess dryer skin comes with getting older!

Since I shave almost daily, when my skin began feeling a bit tight I began using our Men’s After Shave balm. Then after I got over the not-so-blokeyness of the packaging of our other products, I started to try other moisturisers from our range, initially that was one of our best sellers, the Balancing Face Cream. This was very nice indeed and suited me well and I used it to moisturise in the morning after a shower on my forehead and under the eyes – always felt much better afterwards. 

However, after a while I noticed that the skin on my forehead didn’t seem to be particularly happy. It was nowhere near suffering from breakouts, but it just didn’t seem to look or feel quite as good as the skin in other areas after using the same moisturiser. So I tried a couple of other moisturisers, our Replenishing and Sensitive Face Creams but the result was similar. I even tried a couple of other brands, same result. It still needed more moisture.

When people visit our shop with a skin condition or complaint that they’d like to resolve, we usually suggest that the first step is to take things back to basics with a very simple moisturiser and I often recommend our Virgin Shea Butter or our Shea & Coconut Butter and the feedback we get is that this usually does the trick and often forms the basis to move back up to a moisturiser, but a 100% natural one (ie avoiding high street brands that usually contain synthetics, chemicals and cheaper bulking ingredients that are often the cause of unhappy skin in the first place).

I took my own advice and started using our Virgin Shea Butter on my forehead only – it worked! 

I now use one of our Rose & Shea Eye Cream or Frankincense Eye Cream under the eyes and in that general area of the face, and one of our Butters for my forehead and I’ve never looked back. Its clear my forehead required a more heavy duty moisturiser than the rest of my face.   

It was another learning for me, that not only are 100% natural skincare products the best, but that skin can behave differently and feel different in different parts of the same face. Skin care products specifically targeted for combination skin are fine, but it’s also very useful to try quite different moisturisers to get the best results.


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