What To Serve At A Vegan Garden Party?

The season of garden parties and barbecues is nearly upon us, and thanks to the upcoming bank holidays, the public have a great excuse to invite their friends over to let their hair down. 

If you are thinking of hosting a social gathering this spring, here are some vegan treats you could serve.

Vegan kebabs

Just because you’re serving meat-free food, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a barbecue. Instead, make some vegan kebabs with plenty of vegetables on skewers; griddle Mediterranean vegetables, such as aubergine and courgettes; or create some bean patties instead of beef burgers. 

No barbecue is complete without dips and salads, and luckily, there are lots of vegan ones to enjoy, including carrot and cumin hummus and green bean salad.


You don’t need tempura prawns or cocktail sausages to serve tasty nibbles at your party. Instead, you could make tomato flatbread, spicy cauliflower bites, sweet potato fries, and broccoli quinoa balls with sriracha aioli dip. 

Shallot bhajis, vegan sausage rolls, and chickpea bruschetta with sundried tomatoes are always hits too. 

Afternoon tea

If you want to make a fancy afternoon tea for your vegan friends, consider whipping up a vegan pie with beetroot, sweet potato, chard and celeriac. You could also make fake ‘smoked salmon’ toasts, made with carrot ribbons instead, and scones with soy milk and vegetable spread. 

Don’t forget the pudding! Vegan carrot cake with coconut and cashew icing will go down perfectly with a cup of black tea, while ‘chocolate’ fans will love tiffin made with ginger nuts, cranberries and pistachios, vegan chocolate, and coconut oil. 


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