What Causes Chapped Lips?

Having chapped lips can be a miserable experience. Dry, tight and incredibly uncomfortable, it can make even the simplest of tasks such as smiling or eating a real struggle.

Chapped lips can range in severity, from being slightly red around the edges to completely broken and even bleeding, which can cause agony. Regardless of how chapped your lips are, you’re in for an uncomfortable time!

The good news is there are some steps you can take that will ensure your lips are healthy. Here we’ll be explaining what they are, as well as letting you in on a little secret about organic products.

Causes Of Chapped Lips

So, what exactly causes this unpleasant sensation? Well, there are a few reasons behind chapped lips, which we’ll go over:


Firstly, there's dehydration. Like all skin, your lips require hydration to function properly. Without it, they will become dry and sore.

The reason for this is when you don't drink enough water, your body starts to snatch moisture from wherever it can find it – including your lips. 

So to ensure your lips stay hydrated and healthy, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially on those particularly hot days.


Speaking of hot days, the weather also plays a huge role in causing chapped lips. Whether it’s the hot sun, which can dry your lips and cause them to burn, or those cold, windy days which can suck the moisture right out of tour kissers, the weather is often at least partly to blame.

So if you’re outdoors and the weather’s warm then be sure to add a touch of sun cream to your lips. And in winter, a good lip balm will help keep your lips supple and lock in moisture.

Bad Habits:

Another common cause of chapped lips is the bad habits we have. Whether it’s licking our lips, touching our mouths a lot or breathing through our mouths, this can also cause the skin to become dry and irritated.

So if you find yourself doing any of these then try to cut it out as it will help your lips massively. 

How To Avoid Chapped Lips

As pointed out, there are a few ways you can protect your lips to prevent them from becoming chapped.

Most important is hydration, so drink plenty of water throughout the day and this will go a long way to staving off this dry skin on your lips.

Next up, remember to use plenty of lip balm, especially when the weather is dicey. Look for one with moisturising ingredients like cocoa butter or shea butter to help lock in moisture and protect your lips from the elements. 

Lip balm is a super helpful product for your lips. It keeps them moist and guards them from becoming dry and chapped. 

When you put on lip balm, this immediately creates a barrier that locks in moisture and shields your lips from harsh weather. Plus, it contains ingredients that make your lips feel smooth and comfortable. 

By using lip balm regularly, you can prevent chapped lips and keep them healthy..

Why Organic Lip Balms Are Better

If you’re on the lookout for a good-quality lip balm, there are a number of reasons why organic options are far superior to non-organic.

Firstly, organic lip balms are free from synthetic chemicals and artificial additives that may harm your lips in the long run. By choosing organic, you help protect your lips from unnecessary exposure to toxins and irritants.

If you’re concerned about GMO ingredients, organic products eschew these so you can use your lip balm safely in the knowledge you're avoiding the potential risk associated with genetically modified crops.

As well as being kinder to the skin, organic lip balms are often crafted with ethics in mind. The cultivation of organic ingredients typically involves eco-friendly practices that make them gentler on the environment, as well as your lips!

When you opt for one of the organic lip balm brands such as ourselves, it’s more likely to adhere to cruelty-free principles. 

Having said that, this isn’t always the case, so be sure to check the credentials of any company you shop with as, sadly, simply having the word “organic” doesn’t always mean that the products are cruelty-free.

So there you have it – that’s what causes chapped lips and how you can stop this uncomfortable condition. 

Remember, prevention is always better than cure, so keep those lips hydrated and protected with plenty of water and your trusty organic lip balm, and your lips should stay silky smooth and comfortable.

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