Vegan Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Buying gifts for dads is always a tricky one, but there is a huge choice of cruelty-free presents available these days. So if your dad is environmentally-conscious, here are some terrific vegan gift ideas to consider.

Natural toiletries

Get your dad smelling great by spoiling him with an organic body wash for men. These 100 per cent natural toiletries are free from chemicals, additives and animal products. 

You could even make a special hamper with shower gel, moisturiser, face toner, and shaving cream, all of which are environmentally friendly. Alternatively, look for a ready-made gift set, which he’s sure to love opening on June 18th. 

Foodie treats

Thankfully, there is so much variety when it comes to vegan foods at the moment, so you can get him some of his favourite treats. 

For instance, Spicers do a delicious vegan hamper, which includes a bottle of Otra Tierra Merlot, butterscotch popcorn, peanut butter cookies, lightly salted crisps, ginger creams, vanilla fudge bites, and Danny’s Totally Fantastic oat milk chocolate bar. 

Snack boxes with different nuts and seeds; sweet boxes of their favourite sugary treats; or a selection of freshly baked vegan cookies are bound to be a firm favourite gift on Father’s Day. 

Vegan alcohol

Beer tends to go down well as a present for most dads, so why not buy a set of vegan craft beers? Lots of brewers do vegan beers these days, including Samuel Smith, BrewDog, Beck’s, Corona, Anchor Porter, and Sierra Nevada. 

Pair your selection of beers with some nibbles and a DVD for the ultimate night in together as a family. 

Vegan-friendly socks

Let’s face it, dads almost come to expect a pair of socks as a gift, whether it’s for their birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day. So why disappoint them? You can get a pair of vegan-friendly socks that are not made out of wool, which they’ll certainly appreciate if they are trying to reduce their impact on the environment. 

Bombas is one brand that sells vegan socks. You’ll be able to find funny socks, sports ones or office ones, depending on what you think will suit your dad best. 

Vegan meal subscription 

If your dad is newly vegan, he might still be getting his head around what food and cruelty-free products he can have. You could help him on his journey by signing him up to a vegan meal subscription that sends ready-measured ingredients and recipes for delicious meals every week. 

This will definitely ease him into the new lifestyle and help him get used to the different delicious foods he can enjoy that he might not have considered cooking before. 

Vegan clothes 

Being vegan doesn’t just mean ditching certain foods, but also clothes, shoes, toiletries and other goods that contain animal products. To really help him embrace veganism, you could treat him to some new clothes. 

Dr Martens vegan boots, for instance, are a popular choice for vegans, as they are made from synthetic material, not leather. 

They come in a variety of colours and styles, so you’ll be able to style your father in a way that will also boost his fashion credentials. 

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