Top Tips To Avoid Brittle Hair This Winter

As the coldest part of winter beckons, many of us are wrapping up warm, staying indoors and turning on fires and central heating, which leads to one of the biggest hair care problems of the season: brittle hair.

Brittle hair, much like dry skin, is the result of a combination of different factors, including the lack of humidity in the freezing air, as well as the way many indoor heaters, especially fires, will remove the moisture from the air.

The result is lifeless, brittle hair that can be prone to split ends and breaking. However, there are natural hair care solutions that can bring your hair back to life, and here are some top tips to take full advantage of these.

Don’t Take Steaming Showers

One of the greatest winter morning pleasures for many people is taking a hot shower to make up for the tragedy of getting out of a cosy, warm bed.

However, a hot shower is, unfortunately, likely to make your brittle hair worse, as it strips your scalp of the important oils needed to protect your hair follicles.

Instead, turn the thermostat down slightly, keep shower times to between five and ten minutes, and if you are prone to washing your hair frequently, try to cut back.

A top tip for making the most of a shower is to end the shower with a shock of cool water that can help lock in the moisture rather than strip it from the surface.

Wear A Hat When Out And About

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and wrapping your hair in a scarf or wearing a hat can help stop the bitterly cold winds from coming into direct contact with your hair and causing more brittleness.

This is especially important during freezing temperatures and if you go out with damp hair; not only is having entire strands freeze together unpleasant, it can do a lot of damage to your hair and exacerbate frizz and static cling.

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