Top Recipes For A Vegan Party

Even though summer’s on its way out and the barbecues, picnic blankets and garden furniture are being put away, this doesn’t mean it is time to hibernate and forgo social gatherings until the springtime. There are still plenty of excuses to throw a party or have friends over, from Halloween or Bonfire Night to Christmas and New Year’s. So, if you want to host a vegan party this autumn, here are some great recipes you should try. 


Aubergine and chickpea bites

You don’t need sausage rolls and mini Cornish pasties to keep your guests satisfied, as there is an abundance of great vegan recipes to choose from these days. Why not try these aubergine and chickpea bites, for instance?

BBC Good Food suggests making these bite-sized snacks, made from aubergines, garlic, coriander, cumin seas, chickpeas, gram flour and polenta. Serve with harissa-flavoured coconut yoghurt for a tasty appetiser. 


Vegan pate

Even among meat-eaters, traditional pate can be divisive, which is why vegan pate is a good alternative. Lauren Caris Cooks’ recipe comprises carrots, aubergine, pepper, garlic, olive oil, chickpeas, walnuts, capers, and sundried tomatoes. Once they have been baked, blitz the ingredients in a food processor until smooth. 

“This pate is a delicious, rich spreadable bowl of goodness, full of Mediterranean flavours. Serve a big bowl of this with some crusty bread at your party this year, and I promise everyone will dig in,” the chef stated.


Vegan mini shallot bhajis with minted yoghurt

An Indian platter is often one of the most popular dishes to tuck into at a party, so don’t feel like you have to forgo your favourite Southern Asian treats with a vegan soiree. These mini shallot bhajis, made from shallots, gram flour, chillies, nigella seeds, turmeric, and vegetable oil, will be a huge hit among guests. 

Serve the deep-fried balls with minted coconut yoghurt with crushed garlic for a moreish snack. 


Vegan pizza margherita

There are a lot of vegan products available these days, including dairy-free cheeses. Therefore, making classic party favourites, such as pizza, at an animal product-free party has never been easier. 

Miriam Nice’s recipe involves making a pizza dough out of strong white bread flour, dried yeast, caster sugar and olive oil. Spread passata with chopped fresh basil and a crushed garlic clove on the top, before adding thinly sliced tomatoes, more basil or oregano leaves and some grated vegan mozzarella-style cheese. 

It is worth making a few of these, as people are sure to come back for more slices!


Vegan choc-avo mousse

Contrary to belief, you don’t need butter or cream to make a delicious dessert. Serve your friends this vegan choc-avo mousse, made from dairy-free dark chocolate, avocados, coconut sugar, raw cacao powder, vanilla bean paste, aquafaba, cream of tartar, fresh raspberries and hazelnuts, and they’ll be amazed to discover there’s nothing dairy in it. 

Simply blend the avocado, sugar, cacao and vanilla in a food processor, add melted chocolate, and fold in a whipped aquafaba and cream of tartar mixture until combined. Divide into serving glasses and freeze for up to ten minutes before sprinkling hazelnuts and raspberries on top. 

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