The Story Behind The World’s Most Expensive Bar Of Soap

One of the most efficient, affordable and sustainable ways to enjoy natural soaps is by buying a soap bar, as less of a bar is needed to create a lather as compared to a liquid.

However, one soap manufacturer based in Lebanon claimed to have created the world’s most expensive bar of soap, costing over £2500 per 160g bar.

The bar contains a range of natural ingredients, such as olive oil, dates and virgin honey, as well as a couple of ingredients you might not expect, such as gold dust and diamond dust, the latter of which adds a significant amount to the price of the bar.

Bader Hassoun & Sons have made soaps since the 15th century, relying on natural ingredients and traditional techniques, but in 2013, they made a highly expensive premium soap bar for the first lady of Qatar.

The bar has been seen with several dignitaries and actresses, although it is unclear whether the soap is available for anyone with £2500 to buy.

It was initially reported that the soap would be available to buy in one of Bader Hassoun’s flagship stores, but later reports claimed that it was instead sold as an exclusive showcase of the soapmaker’s capabilities, as well as being a gift to the Qatari royal family.

It is possible that both claims are correct, with the soap being technically available in stores but exclusively only sold to celebrities, political dignitaries and other VIPs, although other reports have claimed that only a single piece of the handmade soap was ever made as a gift.

Due to the exclusive nature of it and the somewhat contradictory reporting, this is not the only point of confusion surrounding the exclusive soap. A BBC video claimed the soap had a rough texture, but the soap company’s CEO claimed that it was not harsh on the skin.

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