Summer Skincare Essentials You Shouldn’t Skip

Caring for your skin properly is important in ensuring it stays beautiful and healthy. Different weather can affect your skin differently and therefore it is best to adapt your skincare regime to suit the needs of your skin at different times of the year.

In the winter your skin may become dull and dry therefore hydration and exfoliation are important to ensure it does not become dehydrated or sore and to make sure the cold is not causing it to dry out too much. However, this is still important during the summer as well.

There are several key steps you should consider during your summer skincare regime which will keep it glowing, healthy, hydrated and protected during the warmer months.

Sun Protection

Firstly and possibly most important is sun protection. Using an SPF is most important in the summer when the sun is brighter and your skin is more exposed to its rays, or any time of year if you spend long stretches of time outdoors through your job or leisure activities.

It is recommended that you use products with at least an SPF 30, if not higher during the summer to prevent sun damage and to protect your skin against the sun's rays which can be harmful and lead to skin discolouration, sun damage and even more serious issues such as skin cancer.


During the warmer times of the year, you may find that you become dehydrated more easily. This not only affects your body but your skin as well. Drinking plenty of water and moisturising will help to restore moisture to your body and skin which is lost through sweating.

Using lightweight organic face creams will help to moisturise your skin while also preventing it from feeling too greasy, which can be uncomfortable if you are already feeling hot and sweaty.


Proper cleansing can help to keep your skin feeling clean and fresh, even if the weather outside has you feeling exactly the opposite. A gentle cleanser that cleans the skin without stripping all of its natural oils is the best option.


You may think exfoliation is only important if you have dry or flaky skin but it is also useful for unclogging pores and brightening your complexion which can help give you the perfect summer glow.

Adding a gentle exfoliant to your skincare routine just once a week can help to keep your skin clean, clear glow and bright so you can look as good as the sunshine makes you feel.


Lip care is just as important as any other skincare. Your lips can become sunburned and dry just as easily as the rest of your face so keeping them hydrated and protected is vital.

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