Natural Ingredients in Your Skincare and Your Food !

We saw this interesting article last week. Now, the last thing we want to do is talk about is Brexit, but this article was highlighting the differences between the ingredients in different foods in the US as opposed to Europe, which you would think are exactly the same. The implication being, that if we're not careful, the quality of what we think are standard foods could become much diminished because the bigger companies get away with what they do under the cover of fancy marketing.

Companies often have relatively long ingredients lists to compensate for other ingredients that are used to, for example; increase shelf life with preservatives, use of cheaper oils and additives to bulk-up the product to make it cheaper per volume to produce, use of certain ingredients to make a product feel or smell nice. The problem is, you put one ingredient in which is isn't true to the product offer, or just cheap, or synthetic, and you have to put another two or three (usually synthetic) ingredients in to balance it out and re-adjust the formulation for the negative effects of those ingredients.

The analogies between food and skincare are many. Keeping your food healthy is important as is your skincare because skincare products (particularly leave-on products) do get absorbed by the skin into the body. Sure, anything negative (like the plastic fillers used by the big companies in their "anti-ageing" products) might be in small amounts, but every little doesn't necessarily help; poor food ingredients, poor skincare ingredients, pollution in the air, maybe one or two bad habits like drinking or smoking, and before you know it the body's coping with a lot of pressures.

At Handmade Naturals we've understood this for years. We keep our formulations to ingredients which are a) high quality and b) actually do a good job so that we don't have to then compensate one ingredient with another. 

Taking a lead from the article above we used our Replenishing Face Cream and did the following comparison with some other well known brands...

We kept the fonts and spacing the same for all four and used the same terminology. As you can see our ingredients list keeps it tight with only high quality ingredients and just those that you need to maintain healthy skin. What many people don't know is that most of the well known skin care brands are made in factories. Factories like to use longer formulations because they usually produce to a price with the undertaking that the product will "feel" the same "look and smell" the same. I know, I've visited factories and met production managers. Does this sound a bit like cheaper or ready-made food products ?

This is why at Handmade Naturals we make our own products in our workshop where we can control quality and cleanliness of our manufacturing process.

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