Moisturiser Mistakes That Could Cause Eye Wrinkles

Most men and women over a certain age want to do all they can to reduce fine lines, especially around their eyes. 

So, you’d be surprised that many people make the same mistakes when using their moisturiser or eye creams that could actually be making their wrinkles worse. 

  • Using far too much 
  • It can be tempting to apply a lot of eye cream on, so as much of it can take effect as possible. 

    However, it doesn’t really work like that as you only ever need a tiny bit, and using too much can clog pores and irritate the eyes. 

  • Only using moisturiser
  • Having said that, eye-cream should most definitely be part of your skincare routine, as moisturisers alone cannot smooth wrinkles. 

    While moisturising creams hydrate the skin, reducing crow’s feet or smile lines needs something more specialised. 

    Florida dermatologist Stacy Chimento told Real Simple: “Eye creams are formulated specifically for the thinner, more delicate skin around our eyes, which is why they tend to be thicker.”

    She added they also have “active ingredients that target specific issues”. 

  • Using harsh products
  • Although products with lots of ingredients sound like they would do the job better, this isn’t necessarily the case.

    In fact, a lot of people react worse to harsh face creams, and those with the simplest ingredients, such as natural organic face products, often work the best

    Eye creams made with just a few key ingredients, such as aloe vera, borage and argan oil, help to keep the skin moist and elastic, preventing more wrinkles from setting in. 

  • Don’t rub it in
  • When applying cream around the eye, you have to be as gentle as possible. Rubbing the area can stretch the skin, causing it to lose elasticity and become more wrinkled over time. 

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