Macadamia oil as a superior hair conditioner for frizzy and curly hair

We shine the spotlight on Macadamia oil 

This amazing tree nut oil has superior qualities especially when it comes to hair conditioning. It is not only a fantastic scalp conditioner but it is also amazing at soothing frizz, tangles and dealing with dullness. Unlike mineral oil or silicone Macadamia oil is able to penetrate the hair effectively rather than sit to the surface and build up over time.

Native to Australia & The South Pacific macadamia nuts are nutritionally dense and are one of the highest natural sources of healthy fatty acids. Using cold pressed macadamia oil ensures all these nutrients are preserved in the oil. When macadamia oil binds to the hair shaft and infuses it with fatty acids, it does strengthen the hair follicles leaving the hair much healthier. Macadamia oil also contains antioxidants, which help hair to recover from environmental exposure to pollutants in the air or heat styling.

With regular use macadamia can also help smooth the hair, giving it a shinier appearance. The hair would also retain its sheen and become glossier over time.

Applying the oil neat would be too much for most hair types except super frizzy Afro type hair that is just thirsty for anything you give it, however when combined and a little diluted with ingredients such as aloe vera, glycerine, panthenol and water it would have more of a hydration effect, making it suitable for most dry hair types.

Curly hair can be especially vulnerable to damage from environmental stressors and that includes pollutants in the air and heat treatments, and it can sometimes be very hard to style leading to breakages. When nourished with macadamia oil, the hair strands will retain moisture on the surface which will make it easier to untangle and style. However it is not recommended to apply any oil including macadamia neat directly prior to heat styling, as the heated oil can create more damage than good. If you wish to use it neat then it is best to apply it afterwards and concentrating at the ends where it can help with split ends.

Macadamia oil is excellent for a deep conditioning hair mask prior to shampoo, especially when combined with other oils such as avocado or argan. All you need to do is massage into scalp and hair and leave on for about 15-30 minutes, when wash off with a gentle shampoo.

We don’t sell the pure oil yet (happy to do if there is enough demand), but if you are looking at a superior quality product free from silicones to properly nourish your hair and help with dry scalp, dry split ends and frizz, then consider our best selling Award Winning MuruMuru & Macadamia Hair conditioner.

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