Jennifer Garner Reveals Sunscreen Is Secret To Youthful Skin

Despite being in her 50s, you would be forgiven for thinking Jennifer Garner was 25 years younger, as the actress has one of the most youthful glows in Hollywood. 

This, she insists, is all down to one component of her skincare regime, which she has kept up over the decades - sun cream. 

Speaking with Shop Today, the 51-year-old shared: “Nothing looks better in your 50s than sunscreen in your 20s.”

The 13 Going On 30 actress first heard the quote from dermatologist Doris Day, but she is certainly proof of its effectiveness, as Garner still has the bright eyed, smooth complexion she had in the 2000s. 

“It is the most true thing you can possibly tell a young person. When you’re young, you just want to feel that tan, but it isn’t worth it,” she said. 

The Alias alum added: “Tan is sun damage. You’ve got to be smart. You have to think long-term and take care of your 38-year-old self because that is the year for me that all of sudden I woke up and was like, what is this?”

She noted that she hadn’t even been in the sunshine when she started to notice its impact on her skin, saying: “The damage suddenly [started] coming to the surface.”

The mother-of-three, who shares her children with ex Ben Affleck, advised applying it “on the top of your head right on the part”.

She then said put some all the way down to your chest, on your arms and the tops of your hands. 

Although it can be hard to stay on top of application, especially where Garner lives in LA, with its year-round sunshine, she suggested leaving sunscreen in the car to make it easier. 

Whenever she is on a long drive, she insisted she reapplies sun cream, particularly on the side of her body that is getting more sun exposure. 

Although British summers are not traditionally the warmest, climate change has meant temperatures have been heating up recently. 

Last year, a record-breaking 40.3C was experienced in Coningsby, and June this year was already warmer than average, with temperatures regularly in the mid-20s. 

Therefore, wearing sun cream to protect against burning, and subsequently, the signs of ageing will be something people will have to get more used to. 

The best way to keep skin safe against the sun is to use a factor 30 organic SPF moisturiser. This prevents UVA and UVB rays from damaging the skin, especially when out for long periods of time. 

Ladies concerned that sun creams typically contain lots of animal-derived products, including lanolin, collagen, and beeswax, might want to consider vegan alternatives. These are made from plant-based ingredients that can protect the skin at the same time as doing no harm to the environment. 

Don’t forget to reduce sun exposure in the first place, such as by wearing sunhats and sunglasses. It is also wise to wear light layers to cover up and head towards the shade whenever possible. 

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