Interest In Vegan Beauty ‘At All-Time High’

There has never been greater interest in buying animal-friendly beauty products than right now, after the Vegan Society revealed more people are investing in vegan toiletries than ever before.

It recently unveiled its Unlock the Vegan Beauty Market, Leave the Animals Out of Cosmetics report, which revealed the increasing popularity of vegan cosmetics.

Katie Grant, marketing officer at The Vegan Society, said: “No industry is moving faster than vegan beauty.”

She added: “A combination of the rise in the number of vegans globally, conscious beauty trends and the public’s negative perception of animal testing mean that it’s an exciting time for both vegan shoppers and vegan beauty brands and businesses.”

Prior to this white paper, The Vegan Society released a report in 2021 that revealed more than half (56 per cent) of shoppers would like a greater proportion of vegan-verified cosmetic and toiletry products. 

What’s more, Fund for Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments stated that 84 per cent of Brits would not purchase a beauty product if they knew it had been tested on animals. 

This industry seems to be growing at an unprecedented rate, with Ms Grant adding: “We’re looking forward to what happens next in this space over the next year or two.”

More people could be inclined to swap their normal products for animal-friendly ones in November, as it is World Vegan Month. This event helps encourage people to adopt vegan practices and raises awareness of plant-based products. 

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