How Your Body Wash Can Keep You Organic This Summer

With the summer having been mostly hot and sunny so far, most folk will have enjoyed getting outside a lot. However, in this heat, it is possible to work up a sweat just by sitting on a sun lounger, so if you are being active by playing sports or walking in the countryside, you will clearly need to do a lot to stay fresh.

This is especially true when out camping in the wild. Some might be heading to a big music festival, which can be wild in its own way, but others will prefer somewhere really out on the sticks, where washing facilities might be limited but a great men’s organic body wash can work wonders.

Summer is certainly a wonderful time for walking, because even when the weather is erratic the daylight hours are long, permitting lengthy expeditions. This can be great in mountainous areas, which are mainly in the north and west of the country where the sunsets are even later, coming after 10 pm in Scotland - though up there you have to beware of the midges (and ticks).

All that means you won’t just sweat a lot climbing mountains and hills, but you will have plastered your skin with all sorts of things ranging from repellents to sun cream, so by the end of the day you may be feeling a bit grimy. 

Indeed, if the weather does turn you may end up rather wet and muddy too. All that means your shower before you settle in for the night will be even more important.

Other popular undertakings at this time of year include long-distance walks, such as the Hadrian’s Wall Path, the South West Coastal Path, the West Highland Way, or Offa’s Dyke. 

These will mean days of sweat and some pretty sore feet too, but in their own ways, they will make you appreciate the wonder of the natural world, even if the Hadrian’s Wall Path passes through two cities.

That appreciation of nature may act as a reminder of why having organic products is so important, from body wash to sun cream. 

It is the wonder of the natural world that we can enjoy, from the high mountaintops of the Highlands, Lake District and Snowdonia through to the vast expanses of greenery seen in the Welsh Marches or the rugged coastline of Cornwall.

By going organic, you are playing your part in helping to sustain this fragile world, just as you will be sticking to the mantra: ‘take only pictures, leave only footprints’.

Of course, it isn’t always entirely like that; the Hadrian’s Wall Path wouldn’t be so special if the Roman Army hadn’t quarried and laid out millions of stones in a line across the northern edge of the empire, or if Offa hadn’t built his dyke, while few will venture to the top of Snowdon without enjoying the café at the top of the mountain railway.

However, we can all minimise the impact of our interaction with the great outdoors this summer. By using products that are friendly to the planet, we can go a long way to keeping it beautiful.

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