How You Can Go Vegan At Christmas Can Still Have As Merry Time As Ever

To many people, Christmas is a time to devour meat and dairy like never before. From the turkey with all the trimmings, including the bacon-wrapped ‘pigs in blankets’ to the dairy overdoses of clotted cream on the Christmas pudding and the obligatory cheeseboard, it may seem a tough time to be a vegan.

However, there are many great ways to enjoy being a vegan in the festive season. Not only are there many tasty culinary alternatives, but also opportunities to open a few minds with some vegan gifts to your loved ones.

In the latter case, you could consider some plant-based body products, such as vegan face creams. If someone in your family uses similar products of a non-vegan nature, they may be very pleasantly surprised at the quality of such products and this might just get them thinking a bit more about plant-based items. Even if they don’t, it’s still one less non-vegan product being used.

When it comes to vegan Christmas foods, there are loads of recipes out there. For example, the BBC Good Food website lists a number of them, ranging from a cranberry and lentil bake or vegan Wellington as main dishes, through to vegan versions of Christmas pudding or Christmas cake. Of course, roast potatoes and brussel sprouts are vegan to start with.

Plenty of other things can be vegan too. For example, you can get vegan cheese, which is made from plant-based milk instead of that of animals. You can even have a go at making it yourself. Vegan cheese won’t just be for your benefit; it can also be enjoyed by anyone at the Christmas party who is lactose intolerant.

Of course, there will still be some who want to sneer as they bite into a turkey leg. But you can always remind them that some of the most important traditional characters without whom Christmas wouldn’t be the same are vegan. After all, you wouldn’t catch Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer eating meat or cheese.

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