How To Throw A Vegan-Friendly NYE Party

It’s almost time to celebrate the end of the year, so why not throw a big party for your friends or family to see in 2023? 

To make your soiree as animal-friendly as possible, read our tips. 



Before you can even start thinking about what food or drink to serve, pick up some sustainable party decorations so your house looks as festive as possible. 

Pick up – or even make – some cotton bunting, colourful honeycomb paper balls, a hessian table runner and banner, and bamboo food label toppers as soon as possible, so you can start preparing for your big event. 

Serve food on palm leaf plates, and don’t forget to stock up on recyclable glasses to save on washing up the next day. 


Vegan favours

Your guests aren’t likely to expect you to give favours, but it would be a welcome touch if you did. Simply buy several pure murumuru butters for each of your pals and place in a cute hessian bag with a brown card name tag. 

This will go down a treat, particularly as the nut butter works wonders on dry and damaged skin, so guests will be excited to have fresh, invigorated skin as they head into 2023. 



The first thing to serve is your vegan appetizers, so make sure you have plenty in case guests arrive hungry. 

You’ll find lots of options these days, whether from supermarkets or local delis, as there is far more variety in stores than there used to be. 

For instance, you could offer vegan sausage rolls or pork pies, spring rolls and samosas, pizza rolls or bruschetta. 

Should you prefer to have a sharing board instead, make some hummus and guacamole and have a selection of vegetable crudities, tear and share breads, falafels, tortilla crisps or pitta bread, dolmades, salads and coleslaw. 

With all this on offer, your non-vegan friends won’t miss the cheeseboard. 


Larger courses

It is up to you whether you provide a sit-down dinner or let your guests pick at some food throughout the night. Either way, vegan pizzas always go down a treat, while a big pot of vegan chilli con carne is easy enough to make. 

Olive Magazine also recommends a chickpea stew with dates, turmeric, cinnamon and almonds, or stuffed aubergines with pesto. 



Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, it would be criminal not to offer guests dessert after a meal. Luckily, there is a wide choice available these days or, if you’re feeling crafty in the kitchen, you could make your own. 

Vegan brownies made with vegan chocolate, cocoa powder and almond milk are always popular, while individual portions of vegan Eton mess looks impressive. This is made using aquafaba – the juice from a chickpea can – instead of egg for the pavlova, and plant-based double cream.

Alternatively, how about vegan cakes or muffins, cookies and bowls of fruit for your guests to nibble on throughout the night. 


Vegan booze

Whether your friends are into beer, wine, or spirits, it is a good idea to stock up on some vegan varieties before their arrival. 

You could even make some delicious vegan cocktails, such as Cosmopolitans or Mai Thais with tasty mixers. Don’t forget to offer a good choice of non-alcoholic drinks as well. 

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