How To Prepare Your Skin For Seasonal Changes

Throughout the year, our skin’s needs can change significantly, as different weather conditions can have their own unique impacts on our skin.

The two most clear routine changes in this regard are the intensely dry conditions that come from not only freezing winter days but from rapid heating systems, as well as hot humid, sweaty summer days that can cause breakouts of spots depending on your skin type.

However, despite this, every season has its own challenges and requires a change in routine and natural face creams in order to have the best and most comfortable routine to face each day. Here are some top tips to keep your skin glowing every day.


Autumn Tips

Autumn is one of the most interesting periods of transition as the humidity and heat of summer slowly dissipate. It is therefore the best time to start switching to skincare products more focused on hydration than cleansing to soothe your skin and avoid dryness and irritation becoming a bother in winter.

As well as this, it is worth using products rich in Vitamin C, as it can reduce the appearance of sun spots and other skin damage caused during a particularly warm summer. All of our vegan face moisturisers contain natural vitamin C.


Winter Tip

There is really only one true piece of essential advice in winter: hydrate!

As mentioned before, winter conditions both natural and man-made can dry out your skin intensely, so try to use as many hydrating products as you can to ensure your skin retains its moisture, and especially avoid strong, harsh ingredients that can irritate your extra-vulnerable skin.

Showers and baths are often a really pleasant way to warm up during a cold morning but try to resist the temptation to have a scalding hot shower, as that can paradoxically dry out our skin by draining it of vital moisture and oil.


Spring Tips

Much like how we tend to prefer to do our cleaning and clearouts in the spring, it is time to give your skincare products a spring clean and either get rid of or deep clean old products to avoid the risk of bacteria building up.

Similarly, it is time to start exfoliating again using an appropriate natural scrub once the weather is warm enough for your skin to handle it.

As well as this, whilst heavy hydration is a vital part of winter skincare, it is time to switch to more lightweight products that stop your skin from feeling greasy.


Summer Tips

Everybody should wear sunscreen in the summer months, but make sure it is the last product you put on, as the thick moisturising formula helps to seal in other products.

Make sure your skin can breathe and opt for as lightweight a skincare routine as you can get away with, not just in terms of lightweight products but as few of them as possible.

Finally, whilst it is more humid out, do not forget to keep moisturising. It is still exceptionally warm and moisturisers can help to reduce dryness, irritation, and help to protect your skin from the heat.

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