How To Look After Skin In Autumn

Thanks to the ever-changing seasons in the UK, us Brits need to get used to changing our skincare routine every time there is a shift in the weather. Well now the temperature seems to be dropping, the air is getting crispier and the evenings darker, it is time, once more, to change the way you look after your skin, ready for the autumn. 

The first thing to do is make sure you moisturise your skin more often, as humidity levels in the air are beginning to drop and the air is becoming drier, which means skin is losing moisture. 

Subsequently, it is a good idea to swap your light-weight moisturiser to something a little thicker and heavier to retain hydration.

You will find you need to cleanse more thoroughly in the autumn, as our barrier to pollutants becomes damaged when there is a change in weather, according to Vogue

“When temperatures suddenly change and in windy and cold weather, our barriers become damaged and let the metaphorical ‘rain’ – pollution and other external aggravators – deeper into the skin, causing inflammation, sensitivity and redness,” the publication stated. 

Therefore, it is essential to cleanse to keep skin free of dirt and bacteria. 

Although many people associate exfoliating with getting their skin ready for their summer tans, it is just as important to remove dead skin cells in the autumn. This is because the skin needs to be cleared of tans, dehydrated cells due to travelling, and toxins resulting from overindulging on salty or sugary foods and alcoholic drinks. 

Make sure you exfoliate using a washcloth, a facial loofah or a gentle facial scrub and always moisturise well afterwards.

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