How To Build Your Perfect Skin Care Routine

You can have all the skincare products in the world at your disposal, but without a proper skincare routine, you may not see the results you want. Using the right products in the right way can help improve your skin's appearance and health, leaving you radiant and glowing all the time. 

The first step is to determine your skin type and to tailor the products you use to your skin. If you have oily skin, you may want to avoid heavy, oil-based creams. Similarly, those with dry skin may choose to avoid drying, mattifying products. 

If you're unsure what to use and in what order, there are a few basic steps you can follow. Start with a few, basic natural face products to build your routine.

Wash first, using a gentle skin-safe cleanser. It is advisable to wash your face every morning and night, to help remove any sweat and grime you collect overnight and during the day. 

Toner comes after cleansing, using a cotton pad, a soft cloth or even just your hands. 

Serums come next. Depending on what kinds of serum you use, you may not want to apply them day and night. Moisturising serums are best to use overnight as it gives them enough time to work their magic. 

Eye creams are applied gently to the eye area, using your ring finger or a roller-ball applicator to ensure you don't hurt the skin around your eye with too much pressure. 

Moisturiser next! Once you have applied all your other products you can lock the goodness in with your favourite moisturiser. Using a lightweight daytime moisturiser in the morning and a heavier, hydrating cream during the night is a good way to ensure your skin stays hydrated 24/7.

SPF! If you spend a lot of time outdoors sun protection is possibly the most important part of your routine, as it protects the skin from UV rays and prevents sun damage. Aim to apply SPF at least 20 minutes before you head outside to give enough time for it to become effective. 

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