How To Achieve That Summer Glow With Make-Up

Whether you’ve jetted abroad this summer or not, we’ve actually been lucky enough in the UK to have some sweltering hot days of our own for once. This means some of you might have that sun-kissed glow we all hope to achieve during the summer months. 

However, if going outside was too much for you to bear during the heatwaves or your skin is sensitive to the sunlight, you may look as though you’ve been in hibernation over the last few weeks. 

All is not lost though, as you can easily create the bronzed glow with make-up, which means anyone can achieve the post-holiday look while also making sure their skin remains as protected as possible in the sunshine. 

The first thing to do is use a tinted moisturiser. Foundation is too heavy in hot weather and will simply run off if you begin to sweat, whereas a tinted moisturiser or BB cream feels a lot lighter and looks far more natural. 

Although it can be tempting to opt for a shade darker than your natural skin tone, you don’t want your face to look a different colour to the rest of your body, so don’t go too dark! 

Next, apply some bronzer on the outer corner of the eye. Elle recommends cream bronzer, as “they have a bit of sheen, which makes your face look healthy and radiant”. 

Meraki Lane suggests applying bronzer to the temples and sides of the nose as well, as this creates a slightly contoured look, as well as a “glowing appearance”. 

Though you might think you should stick to darker shades for your complexion, don’t forget to use concealer and a highlighter to brighten up certain areas as well. Blend some concealer under the eye, which will brighten up the face, and use some highlighter on the cheekbones for a shimmering look. The secret is to blend it in well, so you don’t look streaky or frosty, just effortlessly dewy.  

To make it look like you’ve caught a bit of sun, tap a peach-coloured blusher on to the apple of your cheeks.

As you want a sun-kissed look, it is best to avoid using too much eye make-up, but a subtle bronze-coloured eyeshadow can be effective. Ones with a slight shimmer will add to the iridescent appearance, and works well for both a day and night-time look. Swipe over the eyelid and blend at the corners of the eye to make it look as natural as possible. 

Skip the eyeliner, but apply a little mascara for defined, fluttering lashes. Elle recommends only putting some on the upper lid to “avoid unwanted smudging under the eye”, which will certainly happen in hot, sweaty conditions. 

When it comes to lips, avoid heavy lipstick and shiny lip gloss, as Merak Lane says this can “end up competing with your dewy skin”. Use a hydrating lipstick instead, which will give a “subtle shine”, while also keeping your lips moist in the drying heat. 

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