Get Ready For Veganuary Now

The country might be gearing up for Christmas, stocking up on cakes, biscuits, chocolates, and turkey before December 25th, but some Brits are planning their New Year health kick already. 

Earlier this year, 629,351 people signed up to do Veganuary around the world, with the UK being the country with the second largest number of participants after the USA.

So successful was the 2022 campaign that 55 per cent of participants said they managed to maintain a vegan diet during January, and 31 per cent claimed they intended to switch to a vegan diet permanently. 

Of those who said they wanted to carry on being vegan, a quarter said this is because they learned more about veganism; one-fifth claimed it was easier than they expected it to be; and the same number thought it had improved their health. 

Veganuary’s International head of communications Toni Vernelli said: “These incredible results show that Veganuary is so much more than a one-month pledge as taking part leads to lasting diet change for most participants.”

If you’re planning to do Veganuary in January 2023 but are worried you won’t succeed, it is a good idea to look at some vegan books first. 

Vegan Food And Living has listed some of its favourite vegan books that are worth getting. These include the Five Ingredient Vegan, Simply Vegan Baking, How Not To Die, Bosh! On A Budget, The Vegan Butcher, and Animal Liberation. 

The publication also recommended V Is For Vegan, a book aimed at children that teaches youngsters about veganism through illustrations and rhymes. 

In keeping with an authentic vegan lifestyle, try swapping your beauty products for animal-friendly ones too. Take a look at our Mens Range here or Natural Vegan Hair Care or perhaps Vegan Body Care Products

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