Fran reflects her time at Handmade Naturals

Today marks the end of nearly 4 years working at Handmade Naturals. In 2018 I applied for a Manufacturing apprenticeship, my main job was making products alongside with Rossi. But over the past 4 years, I've become more involved in the retail side of the business, dealing with customers and managing the company's Amazon account as well.

I can honestly say, I've learnt so much working at Handmade Naturals. Not just about the business in general, but also about living a better and healthier lifestyle. By this I mean, since I started I've learnt a lot about different ingredients and their benefits for the skin and general well-being. I'm also becoming more mindful about my food choices and the importance of physical exercise for mind and body. Rossi and my colleague Ann have both encouraged my awareness of more ethical and natural foods. They have also taught me exercises and movements to help improve my posture and other areas of my body which I'm trying to strengthen. 

I think I've also grown as a person since joining Handmade Naturals. I was 18 when I first started straight from high school - it was my first 'proper job'. I've regularly been encouraged to participate in decision making and I've always felt like my opinion mattered. Alan has been instrumental to my progress throughout my time at Handmade Naturals; he's entrusted me to manage the Amazon account on behalf of the company and I've appreciated his support and mentorship. Over the years I've definitely become more independent and self sufficient and now have the confidence to move on to something new taking what I've learnt with me. 

Working for Rossi and Alan has been a pleasure and I'm so grateful that they gave me the opportunity to be a part of their business. 

Rossi and Alan are committed to producing 100% natural, affordable products and I wish Handmade Naturals all the success it deserves.

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