DRY SKIN - I have dry skin, how do I care for it using your natural skin care range?

Dry Skin Routine

Our skin can change with the seasons (be drier in the winter due to cold weather, wind and central heating), our hormonal levels through our cycle, the skin can also change depending on where we live (colder locations can make it drier) and also if we take medication. As our largest organ our skin reflects what is going on inside, but using the right, clean and nourishing skin products can certainly bring relief when things become somewhat unbalanced and make a big difference to the appearance and texture of our skin. 

What are the characteristics of Dry Skin?

Dry skin is characterised with very small almost invisible pores and it will feel very tight straight after cleansing. As there is not enough sebum coming though to the surface of the skin dry skin is more prone to redness and irritation from environmental pollutants. It is also likely to feel rougher to touch.

How do I care for my dry skin using your natural skin care range?

Cleansing Products for Dry Skin 

It is important not to over cleanse dry skin. We have a number of products that are suitable for dry skin and these include the Moisturising Foaming Face Wash but only if you like washing your face in the sense of soap & water. If you prefer soap we recommend our Shea & Calendula Soap which is unscented and has added Shea Butter to prevent your skin feeling too tight after a wash. However you can also cleanse using a damp face cloth or plain water if you are not aiming to remove make up. For make up removal and general face cleansing of dry skin we recommend any of our Facial Lotion Cleansers - Rose, Hemp & Jojoba or Plum & Avocado Cleanser. If your skin is very dry and you are feeling adventurous, you could try our Face Cleansing Oil. More on how to use that - read Article in our Blog. Neither of our cleansing lotions or the cleansing oil will leave your skin dry afterwards.

Toners for Dry Skin

After you have cleansed your face, you can follow with one of our flower water Facial toners to remove any traces of cleanser from your face and to allow the flower waters to soothe and bring balance back to your skin after cleansing. For dry skin you can use the Bulgarian Rose or the Lavender & Geranium. These are especially useful if you suffer from dermatitis or have redness anywhere on your face. Apply the toner and allow it to soak up for a few moments before moisturising.

Face masks for Dry Skin

Giving your face a treat once a week is recommended even if your skin is dry. Our masks are made of powders for longevity (vs a premixed product which requires a preservative and has a shorter shelf life). You can use pretty much any of our face masks by mixing some powder with water or milk (plant or dairy) and adding nourishing ingredients such as a mashed up avocado, a teaspoon of oil, a teaspoon of honey for example (honey is a humectant and helps keep moisture to the skin’s surface) or if you are following a vegan diet, then coconut blossom nectar is a wonderful honey replacement. After 15-20 minutes gently remove the mask with a hot damp cloth, rinse gently with warm water and pat dry.

Exfoliation products for Dry Skin

Exfoliation is recommended for dry skin to keep your skin smooth as during exfoliation you remove the dead skin cells that otherwise would be taking up your moisturiser. For dry skin we recommend our Facial Scrub with Bamboo & Sweet Orange. It is a non-foaming creamy product which will not strip your skin of surface oils, in face it will moisturise it as it removes the dead skin cells. Our Face Cleansing scrub is best used in the shower or bath when the steam will help open your pores and allow for deeper cleansing.

Face Moisturisers for Dry Skin

Dry skin needs a lot more hydration than normal or combination types, so we can recommend using our Replenishing Face Cream or Super Hydrating creams. 
You can try either or both, using the richer cream at night. If you still have dry patches, you add one of our Face oils or Face & Neck Serums to your routine, applying a few drops under your moisturiser. Even though you can take up our face creams to the eye area, we do recommend you using one of our eye care products. 

The Eye Roll On is a purely oil based product and some ladies prefer that. If you don’t get on well with oils near your eye area then either of our Eye Creams would be worth looking at - Rose & Shea or Frankincense & Argan. Both are gentle enough to be taken to the eye area and their texture allows for easy application without a drag on the skin, something we must be weary not to do too much.

By all means feel free to experiment and find products and/or combinations of products which make your skin happy. We are happy to make suggestions but ultimately it is down to your skin to see how it will respond, so allowing room for experiment is always a great way to approach skin care :)


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