Why Vegan Cricketers Are In Good Company

As the days get longer, the football season is nearing its end and summer sports will soon take centre stage. The cricket season is now underway and June will bring the big grass court tennis events to these shores.

If you are a man who likes playing summer sports, this is an exciting time of year. However, it is not always the most vegan-friendly; you might want to check the equipment you use matches up.

This may be most of an issue in cricket. Hopefully the willow in your bat will come from sustainable wood sources, but the ball is made from leather. It is an inescapable fact that as a vegan cricketer, you will spend your day trying to whack, catch, bowl or throw a piece of cow hide.

However, the good news is that with our men’s natural shower gels, you can at least enjoy a vegan friendly product as you get clean and fresh after a long and sweaty day out in the sun. 

Despite the leather-clad ball, cricket has had plenty of famous vegan players. A surprising number of these have been Australian fast bowlers, a group normally stereotyped as aggressive, beer-swilling loud-mouths with handlebar moustaches and a taste for English blood, surrounded by team-mates whose main concern with leather is not the welfare of cows but the application of sandpaper.

This list includes Peter Siddle, Kane Richardson and Jason Gillespie. Indeed, Gillespie was so outspoken about his veganism that in 2016, when he was coaching Yorkshire, he criticised the fact that one of the club’s sponsors was the Wensleydale Creamery. He said: “I hope one day the dairy industry can be shut down.”

Whether your local club team has links with a creamery, butcher or anyone else who is no more vegan than the process of making a cricket ball, it may be reassuring you will be in good company, both among the stars of the game and among fellow users of our shower gel products.