Top Tips To Avoid Razor Burn When Shaving Legs This Summer

It’s summertime, which means most ladies want silky-smooth skin so they can wear midi dresses and shorts with confidence. 

For some of us, however, there is always the risk of getting unsightly razor burn, leaving you with painful red blotches and bumps that can last for days. 

So, what is the secret to avoiding this when shaving is your go-to hair removal method?

According to Allure magazine, it has a lot to do with your shaving technique. 

Dermatologist Annie Chiu told readers to shave in the direction of hair growth in sensitive areas, despite normally going against the grain to get a closer shave on other parts of the body, such as legs.

Shaving in the direction of hair growth is “gentler on the skin because there’s less tension”, so is advisable in delicate places like the bikini line. 

It was also recommended to only shave at the end of a shower when the skin is nice and warm, as this makes it considerably easier to remove hair. 

The next tip is using the right product, instead of grabbing a bar of soap every time. 

Organic shaving products have the right formula of ingredients to ensure you get a smooth shave, as well as a close one. 

If you happen to get a rash, fear not, as there are ways you can treat razor burn so the rash disappears quickly. 

This includes using plenty of body cream to moisturise the area, as well as soothing topical products like aloe vera. This natural product, which is already famous for healing sunburn, is known to ease skin irritation, reducing redness and bumps.