Top Tips For Soothing Cracked Hands | Handmade Naturals

A mix of a lack of humidity, hard work, callouses and freezing weather can sometimes lead to dry, cracked and sore hands, which can make even the most gentle of soaps sting considerably.

It can sometimes be unbearable to deal with the pain and can potentially cause infections and or trigger inflammations such as eczema.

Thankfully, with tender loving care, organic skincare and a few top tips to minimise the harm caused to your skin in the first place, dry skin can be avoided for the most part.


It goes without saying that the best cure for dry skin is moisturising them, but there are a few nuances to keep in mind. The first is to avoid perfumes and fragrances that can trigger sensitive skin, but another ingredient to avoid, oddly enough, is water.

Specifically, try to avoid using water-based creams in favour of oil-based balms. These creams can sometimes cause an open cut to sting more, which is the last thing you want when already hurting.

Water That Is Just Right

Much like how a hot shower can ironically dry your skin by stripping away its protective barrier, hot water on the hands can cause dehydration which can make the pain worse if you are not lucky.

Cold water is not helpful either as it can reduce blood flow and impede recovery even if it does stop the pain. Instead, soak your sore hands in warm water to reduce the risk of dehydration.

Keep Them Dry

Again, it can seem like a contradiction to suggest that water might make your dry skin worse, but once you have applied your moisturiser, avoid getting your hands wet as much as you can, as this can deplete the skin of the oils that form the moisturising barrier that stops the skin cracking in the future.