Today I have been wondering about what causes split ends

Ever since reading many years ago that frequent hair washing is bad for the hair, I have aimed for 3-4 days between shampoos. Sometimes it works like a treat though other times it is a struggle. Frequent hair washing certainly contributes to dry hair and frizziness, as shampoos by default remove the natural oils coating the hair. But it is a balancing act when your scalp has it's own (different) opinion. I don't think nutrition plays that much of a role into the condition of your scalp but it does certainly help with the overall health of your hair. Not sure about other people, perhaps we ought to do a survey on nutrition affecting hair growth hehe. but my hair grows like crazy. My diet is super rich in phytonutrients and even though i have a super restricted oil intake my hair tends to be unaffected by the latter and really loves to ... grow long. Every 6 months i have to have about 4-5 inches cut off, think that would qualify for fast growth. My hair isn't excessively dry, although it is prone to slight frizz. I use the Nourishing Shampoo for all hair types and then follow with the MuruMuru Conditioner and a smidge of the Hair Serum as a leave on treatment. My hair is shiny and very happy but because of its length it does still develop split ends, regardless of my bestest efforts. 

What are split ends?

Split ends are strands of hair that have have split apart. They tend to form at the end of your hair and the only way to remove them is to have your hair trimmed. Long hair is more prone to split ends than short.

What causes split ends?

Well, as I said, length definitely is a contributing factor. Also hair prone to frizz - because the hair is dry, it doesn't have much of a flexibility and is generally very fragile.  Hair colouring, excessive heat treatments as well as styling products can lead to hair damage. Even swimming and vigorous brushing are to blame. Some blame age on that too but I am personally not so convinced. With good nutrition there is no reason for your hair to start thinning as you age. If you look after your body it will thank you, and that most certainly includes your hair too :)