So fond of MuruMuru butter on my body right now

This past year my body skin has been very unsettled. I’ve been told by doctors it has something to do with the hormonal changes during the perimenopause. It is almost like the teenage years are returning. Not in the sense of acne but really itchy patches all over my torso but especially tummy area.

I had previously tried pure Shea butter and the Shea & hemp balms but the relief appeared to be very short lived. I also tried coconut oil for a period of time, it seemed to help a little more but since starting to use MuruMuru the relief has been immense.

Just once a day application in the morning after my shower has been sufficient to keep the itching at bay. I also love the texture of this butter, it’s super smooth, very buttery and so not greasy. Customers had reported in the shop how great MuruMuru is for the face because it’s a fairly dry oil, meaning it won’t leave you with a shiny face, but I just never got the chance to try it, being spoilt for choice of facial pils and all. Having used it on my body regularly for the past couple of months, I’m really loving it, not only on my tummy but on the rough areas of skin like elbows, heels and knees, as well. 

When applied to the skin this super nourishing oil helps restore skin elasticity, maintain the skin’s collagen levels, help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and prevent dryness. The antibacterial properties in lauric acid are helpful when dealing with inflamed skin, for example acne, skin cuts and eczema. 

Murumuru butter really is able to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin performance that promote skin regeneration. It is especially helpful to damaged, mature and ageing skin. 

And I can most certainly vouch for that :)