Essential Summer Skincare Tips

We have now waved the winter months goodbye and spring is in full force. This means only one thing, summer is right around the corner. Say hello to sunny days spent relaxing in warmth and soaking up some Vitamin D.

Although the summer is a welcome break from the cold, it is still important that we properly care for and protect our skin. The winter can be harsh on your skin, but that doesn’t mean the summer doesn’t also have its downsides too.

Adapting your skincare routine to suit the seasons is a great way to ensure your skin stays happy and healthy all year round. With just a few tweaks you can be summer ready in no time.

First, up your SPF. While SPF should be worn year-round, it's important to strengthen your protection when there will be more sunshine and therefore a higher risk of sun exposure. 

A high SPF, such as SPF 50, is advised in the summer and should be applied to all areas that will be exposed to the sun.

This includes the face and neck. You may wish to find an alternative product made for the face, such as organic SPF moisturisers, instead of using regular SPF as they can be gentler and more skin-friendly.

Using a less heavy moisturiser in summer is also an easy way to adapt your skincare routine. As you sweat more in the warmer months, your pores are more prone to becoming clogged and causing breakouts. Using a heavy, oil-based moisturiser can exacerbate this.

A water-based or light hyaluronic acid moisturiser is a great option for the summer that will still help to lock in hydration without being too heavy and weighing the skin down and clogging pores.

Building on this, increased sweating calls for more thorough cleaning. Oils and sweat can sit on your skin and build up which can cause oily skin and therefore more breakouts.

It's important that you are thoroughly cleansing the skin day and night to help remove the buildup and keep the skin fresh.