Allergens in SkinCare

I had an interesting conversation about allergens in skincare with a lady today. She has been tested by a dermatologist and has been found to be allergic to limonene and linalool that are present in essential oils, but also a number of other chemicals commonly used in skin care products. There were a few ingredients she wasn't clear about especially the difference between sodium hydroxide (used in soap making) and sodium anisate (used in our wash off products) but i was more than happy to explain all to her. 

After years of suffering eczema and dermatitis and not knowing what to use for her daily skin care, spending a lot of money on products that didn't suit and/or aggravated her skin troubles, she has finally been given by the dermatologist the long list of ingredients to avoid. Sadly that doesn't include the ingredients which just irritate. And there are many, depending on individual sensitivities the list can be very long. I get so frustrated with the medical profession at times and keep wondering why can't they test for everything at once, however expensive it may be. Because lets face is, it does save a lot of money in the long term, not only for the person but for the NHS as well.

Just my humble opinion, 


PS If you are in the same shoes as this lady, don't get disheartened. And you don't even have to use expensive £35+ products either. We cater for all sorts of sensitivities and have a whole range of products that are free from the most common allergens. They are unscented, because essential oils contain most of these allergens. You can see them all in the Sensitive Skin section of our shop.